Friday, February 25, 2011

BulletStorm Demo How To Get More Points

I keep playing it over and over again and managed to go from 5000 points in the demo, to a most recent (2/24) 11,000.

It seems no one is writing down what they do so I will put a few pointers up as a Go along. ( In NO PARTICULAR ORDER!)

1. Light as many guys on fire with the screamer powerup before you do anything else. (lots of perks)
2. shoot everyone in the head, or ass. The game likes to make this a silly, yet productive point.
3. The green freaks heads put off a noxious gas, get a bunch of guys with it, and also get yourself with it. You get a perk for being under gas, and killing too.
4. drink the beer to the left, just after the where you use the beacon. (Just before you turn left and the girl yells, "FREAKS!" blue bottle, in a cart. Kill people drunk. for a lot of points.
5. try to avoid doing the same "kill" over and over again, even though VOODOO is hilarious.

6. make sure you use the machine gun (pickup) to kill at least a few guys with "FULL THROTTLE" then drop it. but light the guys on fire first.

7. before you do the go ahead and crush a wall of guys with the elevator shaft, use the charge up for the flail on a group of guys, (light them on fire first) and cut them down. you will get an array of things.

8. aim for various body parts, the legs, and the neck. there are some strange perks there too.

9. Leash the cieling at the very beginning and get a "DING DONG" by dropping stuff on the guy at the top of the ramp... for more points. quickly light them on fire, and kick the second guy over there.... two guys... multiple ding dongs. walka walka.

10. when you use the tenderizer(drop the elevator stay near the button and hold "LT" to get upto 500 bonus points.

(more to come)

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