Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blockbuster Video and Dish Network Keep 500 Stores BLOAQ

Recent news released from the district court OK'd Dish Network in taking over the over 1000 stores still in operation. Blockbuster, was already liquidating many of its stores prior to the Dish Network takeover, but it seems it may be halted when Dish network releases the 500 stores it deems capable of targeting its core market.

If Dish Network has a substantially well thought out plan on how to keep the stores operating, and utilize the streaming capability that Blockbuster already had in place, it is extremely possible that Dish Network will be able to create a new market in a already NetFlix dominated corner.

Possibilities for a business overhaul can range from Blockbuster's original concept of renting online, and returning to a store or vice versa. What if DishNetwork makes available its entire ONDEMAND archive, and combines it with the blockbuster storefront? Imagine, a weekly membership fee, or a monthly fee, or just weekend fees to access your movies, shows, music, etc. HD included.

And lets not forget Blockbuster's other main draw to the storefronts. They get all New Release movies weeks before any other online retailer, or television store front. What if Dish Network attempts to tweak that over to their customer market. That'd be monumental.

I think there very well may be a chance for Blockbuster to remain in existence, and even though its stock is now teetering around $0.06 a share (BLOAQ Pink Sheets) we have to recognize that it is indeed remaining steady.

Giving a nationwide market, a storefront, like a Blockbuster being paired with television provider Dish Network, could have new market potential!