Thursday, September 1, 2011

College Is back in session! Cheap Used Rental books! or Free Books!

Some great resources to get your college books cheap, or sometime FREE!!

E-Books are all the rage if you have a laptop, be sure to search for your book title in google with the word "pdf" or "ebook" after it. You'll be shocked to see that Google Books might have it available digitally (and searchable) for very cheap!

Or for a free option, The Inter Library Loan system is free for any public library. Find the ISBN number from Barnes and Noble, or from Amazon for the book you need, and check with your librarian to see if you can get the book for FREE! (or your schools library!)

Renting your books is super amazing cheap alternative if the first two options dont work for you!

Chegg Books: Is The Hottest Online Textbook Rental Service: Click To Visit Chegg Books
BookRenter: Rent Textbooks Online And Save Lots Of Money: Click To Visit BookRenter and always have great deals on your books too if you'd like to keep the book forever. Look up the ISBN numbers, and shop around.

and always remember, if you make friends on campus, split books. Its cheaper, and it means you get to hang out more often!

Good luck!