Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is that colored tape all the olympians are wearing?

What is that colored tape that all the olympians are wearing? They have it in totally random places.

I suspect its some sort of Salonpas or maybe a Tigerbalm patch?

Turns out I am very close. According to Olympic Tape and Wraps, it is actually something called Kinesio Tape.

Sounds fancy and futuristic right? Well it is actually 25 years old, so in the normal fashion cyclical process, what is old, is new again.

Athletes have been loving it, since it is already approved to assist in remedying injuries, sore joints, bruising, or just for plain relief on stressed muscles.

Here is a Blurb from Olympic Tape and Wraps website"

A Volleyball Player Tapes
Her Serving Arm.
While your injury or underlying problem may need further evaluation and treatment by a Chiropractor or another Healthcare professional, Kinesio Tape may be just what you need to speed up healing or to allow you to compete in a critical sporting event.  Although this tape is not intended for long term use (it acts as a temporary support system for an underlying problem), it can be worn for up to 3 days after its application - even in and out of the shower.

 Kinesio Tape has 3 main purposes:

1. Providing stability to joints.
2. Supporting the function of muscles. 
3. Encouraging the flow of fluids under the skin.   

Kinesio taping involves taping over and around effected muscles to assist/give support to the injured muscle. This allows the patient to participate in physical activities with functional assistance. Additionally, tape can be applied to prevent over contraction of a muscle. This method is often utilized during the acute stages of rehabilitation to prevent overuse and facilitate lymph flow to prevent painful swelling.


Sounds pretty cool right? Maybe it would be a better option then the thermacare heat wraps or tigerbalm patches that people love?

Find out more at their website:  or shop the online store for discounted rates at: