Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BREAKING NEWS! Jumper at PATCO Broadway Camden station in Critical condition!

Camden, NJ (Rutgers Camden) - Around 9:10 am this morning, an unknown person had jumped willingly in front of the rush hour westbound Patco train. The engineer stopped the train with the emergency system, causing much panic within the train from frightened passengers. Miraculously, the jumper has survived the strike thus far, and was heard yelling for help. Currently, the injured person is in critical condition as emergency workers attempt to remove the person from beneath the train. Patco is now delayed 20 minutes both directions, and the Broadway Camden station Westbound is now closed and taped off. More to come as information is acquired.

(photos and videos recorded by Scott Gottfried 4/2/2008)

12:30 pm Update: The person was indeed a male, and may have partially lost a leg in the incident. No other information has been released, however He is currently being treated at Cooper Medical Center.