Wednesday, October 3, 2007

North Korea Plans To Disable Nuclear Facilities, also, Bat Boy Found!

Was North Korea scared of Barack Obamba's recent speech to rid the world of nuclear weapons? Or have politicians actually accomplished something?

I think it would be neither, as stated in an earlier post (Non-Agression Treaty), North Korea wouldn't abandon a nuclear program so rapidly after finally being able to hone in on what it really wanted, Nuclear power status. Now that they have it, the countries who have vied for months, perhaps years, to have North Korea dismantle its ability to produce nuclear weapons grade uranium are hearing what they want to hear.

"North Korea has endorsed an agreement to dismantle all of its nuclear facilities by the end of the year," stated a realease from China, hosting the six-nations vying for a no nukes policy.

Now we just wait for north korean shipping agencies to "remove" the "unwanted" materials to an undisclosed location for further "disposal". Its not that I distrust the North Koreans, I distrust the politicians who have to be the corruptable messengers.