Thursday, October 11, 2007

Security in Ohio Technology schools

I recall when the columbine incidient occured, I was in my information technology class. The next week of classes was strictly all about the students desiging new and better ways to design security systems for schools. We came up with some great ideas all the time. But when we would leave class we would see some students standing out side the doors that were left open to ventilate the hallway. So in one sense we were desiging a safer future but we were living in a very catastrophic situation.

I suspect the false sense of security the school offered to families by saying, "We are across the street from the FBI building, and the Local Police department." But you have to remember that those people in those building arent sitting at the window watching the school, which was inside of a business building. It seemed to be a relatively safe enviroment, but the biggest issue again here is, where did this kid get these guns?

Hopefully other news stations will cover this story, it always seems to be the situation. Yes everyone deals with being poked and proded in school, some more than others. It's just something that the school systems need to address more clearly. Im sure the teachers or other faculty may have overheard some name calling. What happened to zero-tolerance policy? Perhaps this would solve many a problem again in the future. If you hear someone name calling in a deragatory sense, beat them with a ruler. It only upsets people who are on all sorts of medication already, who are unstable, and ready to snap at a whim.