Saturday, December 15, 2007

Things that the internet has taught me about india.

Well first off I realize that they are culturally equal in some ways, and culturally crazy in others compared to standard American ideals. In a previous post, I had commented about how they decided to fix a broken jet liner. They sacrificed a goat in front of the plane to the god of the sky and, oddly enough, the plane was fixed.

In a recent story, of the wire from, "A holy man in India, who claimed his right leg held magical powers, has lost the limb to thieves who reportedly severed it to gain control of its powers."

So what have we learned? Well for one, if you sacrifice a goat to anything, it will be fixed. I have a final next week, so I'll have to line up a sacrifice for that one. Secondly, if you claim something to be magical, and it is one of you most needed extremities, people will want to mount it on a wall and worship it, minus you, plus your leg.

Keep it simple in your absurd claims to earn an extra buck, make a claim for example that your kisses can heal the ill. Wait, that actually sounds like a terrible idea. Something more that your farts have magical tendincies, when people gag, you say its the demons trying to get out. That could work.