Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Obamba takes on A-bomba

See your campaign crumbling?
Dont panic simply duck and cover!

Obamba, in his latest speeches, plans on taking on the weapon and technology that took us out of the iron age and put us into the nuclear age. He declares that his new goal is to begin, "ridding the world of nuclear weapons."

The whole world eh? Nothing like a little verbal abuse to other nations who strive to achieve superpower status by reaching nuclear weapon status. The bomb has been a deal breaker since 1945, and since it is still a major pivot point for politicians, it would seem Barack has since tried to appeal instead to a small group of people, to the mass of people. Are we ready for another, nuclear this and nuclear that? Of course Clinton managed to dismantle most of our arsenal. We still have enough left anyhow to counteract any sort of attack, but being defensively offensive is the same step that all the other nuclear super powers take.

We decided at the "end" of the cold war, that nuclear weapons would not overpower standard political practices. But it would seem that when in doubt, pull out something that scares everybody into paying attention to you.