Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online

Free to play? Sure it is. You just have to float around on the crappiest boat with the crappiest weapons for the hardest adventures ever.

It was pretty fun I must admit, until I started attempting the "Quests" of which start with a "find jack sparrow" and then end with a "upgrade"

That was pretty awful. After the end of the first island you pretty much end up just having to try and avoid any ship that isnt the same class as yours, else you will just be blown up in a fiery death, or, as moments ago, I learned that the "ghost ships" happen to have "ghost cannons thats shot cannon balls of instant, "start over"

I'm glad I caught that just in time, I was actually considering the 4.95 for 30 days cost just so I could get a bigger ship and a crew and have some fun. But with second life beckoning on the horizon behind me, why not just dress like a pirate for free?

Sorry Disney, your servers are very very lagy, your game is very very buggy, (had to uninstall and re-install 3 times till I could captain a boat anywhere.), and I do believe that I have wasted a night off trying to level up to level 5 so I could get a double barreled gun, to not be able to use anywhere to "keep to the code." To quote your movie, and/or to paraphrase, the code isnt a written in stone set off rules, but more a lose set of guidelines. And if you dont mind, I'd like to shoot someone who isnt a cadet guarding a city sprawling with pirates and undead zombies.

If you dont quite follow what I Am talking about, download the free version of this game, and give it a shot for about an hour. The television commercials make it much much more appealing.

I'm going to go enjoy my girlfriend now, since, even though she installed it and we were on the same "crew", two level 2 "Swashbucklers" on a crappy row boat are no match for a computer war galleon brimming with flaming cannon balls. Although it was hilarious to fire back at it.