Monday, September 3, 2007

Bush Lands In Iraq - The Townspeople Rejoice.

Well, at least thats what bush thinks is happening in Iraq. The great leader of the free world was welcomed to the military base he forcibly established in war torn Iraq today. Bringing the press with him for several hundred photo ops to most likely show that he cares about our boys deployed in Iraq. And if hollywood has taught me anything, lots of photo ops means big build up for big news!

Whilst touring the beautiful base, President Bush was certain he had to meet with with as many troops as possible. An as usual, he was unaware of his surroundings and managed to get a very ironic picture taken by AP photographer Charles Dharapak. Any person would of course be excited to meet the president of the united states, but this photo clearly gives the troops a very cautious word of advice, "DANGER STAY BACK." Its a firm shake now, and next week, month, year, it will be a firm signature on the "extend troops tours of duty" documents.

Now certainly, I'm not a political analyst who has years of understanding the way that a republican from Texas thinks. I'm just a college kid who will eventually be drafted into a war that threatens only itself and the American troops deployed within. Show me a WMD, or an ICBM, and then maybe I'd understand the reasons. Whatever happened to Bin Laden and the rest of those playing cards?

Well at least the new prime minister of Iraq was very happy to see the president. The last time I saw someone return a handshake this quickly was when Danny Zuko went to go shake hands with the leader of The Scorpions in Grease.

If this is how the two parties react to one another under a staged conference room setting with film cameras clicking and boom mic's looming, I think a re-write is in order. The only thing the faces of those in control on the other side of the table say to me is, "Why are you here, havent you done enough?"

What could possibly be next on the administrations agenda? Assigning new jobs of course since most of the cabinet is respectfully turning in resignation letters. Bush is the captain of the titanic, and the iceberg was Iraq. Time to get to the life boats!