Sunday, September 9, 2007

Suicide up, anti-depressants down.

The anti-depressant industry has begun self medicating with the recent realease of a study done by the University of Illinois at Chicago. It has shown that their has been a 20% decline in anti depressent use, and this has in turn, caused an increased suicide rate of 3,040 per 20% decline in anti depressant use.

I wonder if the study included the share holders of the major pharmaceutical companies who produce the drugs.

Its a trickle down theory, I believe, that the stress at home triggers regular teen angst to be magnified by family angst. The stress level of Americans has exponentially increased since the 1950's. For example, "spending time with dad" has been limited down to the weekend and some times not even that much. For a society that stresses being an individual and standing on your own two feet, living without guidance, teens, obviously, feel abandoned by their families.

How do we cope? Instead of facing the family problems, we take a "magical pill" to make everything better. Thats just terrible I say. What happened to making chocolate chip cookies from scratch?

Oh yeah, we buy cookie dough made already. We just put a spoon in this tub o' deliciousness and eat raw cookie dough. The times have changed, and although its a simple alternative to medication, sit down with someone and make cookies, brownies, soup, anything at all. Its fantastic and in the least bit depressing. Unless, of course, you are a featured chef on Hell's Kitchen. Then I have nothing to add.