Monday, September 3, 2007

Mega Millions And You

It was astounding to stand in a convenience store for 15 minutes observing literally hundreds of people lined up to buy "quick pick" tickets for the mega millions. But what I found more intriguing was the enjoyment I partook in each time I observed people becoming overly generous with the cashier.
"Geez, if I win, we can both quit our jobs!"
[Good Luck] "Thanks! When I win I'll be sure to come in and say thanks!"
"Heres to a better life for both of us!"

But although the excitement was clearly in the air for each person buying a ticket, the "greedy" face that would over come the person next in line could send chills up anyones spine. I'd recommend getting out there and observing next time. Its all a fantastic hollywood facade that people put on with the "generosity" they offer, and then the physical traits give a very 1920's stock market millionaire complexion (its mine! the money is mine!).

I'll admit, I played mega millions as well, and was friendly with the clerk, but thats a given. I didn't offer the clerk his hopes and dreams with my ticket, I just gave him a dollar, said "thanks," and went on my way. I mean, how excited could anyone be when you know your chances are better when it comes to getting struck by lightning twice?

I'd prefer to stick with the pick 3 and pick 4 games. At least opportunity knocks at $0.50 a pop.

I would also like to congratulate for posting the winning numbers a record 35 minutes following the drawing on television. I suppose the webmaster bought a ticket too, and chose not to update the site on time since he was elsewhere looking for the numbers. The news coverage was pretty awful on announcing the numbers as well. Didn't anybody watch the "simulcast" of the biggest drawing for mega millions in the studio/apartment/office? Unless they all had the same syndrome that the webmaster had. They were paralyzed by their dreams.

I plan on watching the live drawing next time, and I plan to post the results as they come out. Nobody should have to wait 35 minutes.