Monday, September 3, 2007

The Gop's Actions When It Comes To Self Image

It always comes down to two things when reading the news about the GOP, it's either A. They are patting themselves on the back for agreeing to fund another useless endeavor, or B. They are denouncing a now former member of the GOP of whom has created a stir about participating in poor ethics.

I'm sure that the current administration would love to keep up the standard of being "on the course," but its simply a matter of who is rowing the boat on the course. I cannot even begin to fathom why it is headlines news that a senator was looking for sex. He's a senator for goodness sake, if he cant let out some stress now and again, he is just going to keep "naying" all the bills that come across his desk. The GOP cleaned house very quickly of this little blotch of ink staining the mighty elephants tusk. And when they are accused of forcing Senator Craig to resign, they shrug shoulders and say things like, "It's easier to ask Larry Craig to resign because he'd be replaced by a Republican."

I dont know when it happened, I know i've seen it a few times, but when two dominant parties begin to fear each other like its the 1950's, pre civil rights act, someone has to come in and slap these desk jockeys in the face, and knock the blinders off. Listen, I'm not vying for the other side, each has advantages and each has a disadvantage, but when "we the people" find it neccesary to put a senator on a pedestal for extra curricular activites outside of DOING HIS JOB I feel its wasting funds that can be dispersed to say.. oh I dont know, rebuilding new orleans?

Unless of course the GOP "Yay'd" the bill to allow for such sting operations, then of course, by all means, game on. Out of sight out of mind, right GOP'rs?