Sunday, September 9, 2007

Philadelphia Eagles meet Green Bay

Once again the Eagles head out to Green Bay for another battle of the century. Well, not really of the century since The Packers and Eagles have faced off five times over the past four seasons, with the eagles earning the win in each of the five games. Mcnabb, with his fantastic history of playing really hard, which is inspirational at times, often takes him off the field wincing in pain. Luckily, our next new hero, who will be waiting in the shadows, is Kevin Kolb.

Mcnabb isn't immediately being confronted with early retirement, but if he keeps up his stats of getting taken off the field on a stretcher, Mr. Kolb will have his 15 minutes to take the Eagles to the top of east coast green world. He had better be ready to perform at his tip top standards, else the waiting time for Mcnabb to "get well soon" will be long awaited. Hopefully, they will be able to work together as a powerful duo who can lean on one another's strengths and weaknesses.

Hopefully ego's wont come into play and immediately doom the eagles before the coin flip in todays game.