Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Israel Dislikes Gaza Strip, REALLY!?

The Israeli security cabinet has declared the Gaza Strip an 'enemy entity.' Such news for Condoleeza Rice to hear first hand while visiting the area. I would suspect that Israel leaders, many a time, have agreed to meet and discuss peace talks, and use the US as a mediary, however the deaf ears of our commander in chief to foreign affairs, was more of a way for him to get some frequent flyer miles, rather than DO something.

Israel claims this announcement was in response to continuing rocket attacks from Palestinian militants. But I firmly believe Israel took this time,Ms. Rice's visit, to announce such a report. Deaf ears can't hear it, but the body trembles with mortar fire. "The declaration could open the way for cuts in fuel and other supplies to the territory as Israel would then no longer be bound by international law to supply utilities." states staff writer of duetche news. Hamas, being Hamas, calls it "a declaration of war," but they also called the numerous car bombings "Declarations of war" also. Anyone else sensing a bully looking for a our "book" against "your book" fight?

Perhaps not a bully, maybe a better comparison is harry potter stories vs. the lord of the rings stories.