Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pavarotti's Final Bow at 71

Pavarotti was a majestical man, chock full of love for those he cared for most. He passed away from pancreatic cancer early this morning, and it only leads one to believe that no matter how much you do for the world, no matter how high up you get, everyone is human.

Seemingly enough, this handsome man was happily performing up until last year when he was first diagnosed with the illness. It should come as an inspiration to all, that even with complications looming on his horizon, Pavarotti kept on belting out what he is most known for.

I will sincerely miss his overly joyous smile, and his cartoonish eyebrows that were oh so often the butt of satire in so many cartoon's over the years, and by many impressionists on Saturday Night Live and MADtv.

Now who shall his replacement be? Is there another "Maestro" of whom he spoke to replace him? Almost how Richard Pryor said in his last interview, that Dave Chappelle should be his replacement. Will it be one of the remaining two tenors? I believe, that in our internet and television driven nation, Paul Potts, although not as impressive as the other tenors, will be in the running. Having huge internet fame immediately puts him up there with the big shots who have spent years achieving their notoriety.

We should watch the news media carefully this week, as they will most certainly begin the "BREAKING NEWS: THE NEXT MAESTRO" stories. Keep an eye out for polls and public votes to pick our now favorite underdog Paul Potts. He deserves it a lot more than that... that uh.. third tenor.

Photos credits: Pavarotti courtesy Phil Walter, Getty Images ; Paul potts courtesy