Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Military Moves Nukes With B-52's.

It's Straight out of Dr. Strangelove I say. It is ironic and iconic that the B-52 can still strike this much fear into America when a nuke is involved. But luckily, our boys are watching out for us. They made sure this SNAFU would involve not one, but "...5 to 6 nuclear warheads."

I find it very peculiar that our military can find Saddam in a foxhole, but we can't manage to verify a nuclear weapon from an empty cruise missile on the home front. It does not frighten me that the warheads were flown via a 1950's relic heavy bomber over American soil, because they do that everyday. It was only this time someone happened to post catch it being accidentally transported, and then told a friend, who told a friend, who told a friend. And here we are, talking about something the air force did on American soil. It certainly takes alot to get the American people all wound up about the military doing actions that we, the people, do not like. In fact, it takes 5 to 6 nukes flying around with the United States' finest pilots to get us fired up about coming down on the brass.

I hope this is a gateway story that gets more people active in letting the military know how we feel about its actions day to day. Nobody is perfect, yes I know, we all make mistakes, but you have to remember who is sitting there with the big SHINY red button.

I would also like to add, that while opening this article to view, I would like to inform you that I had half hoped to see a youtube video with footage of B-52's flying around to the music of the B52's.