Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RFID Implants make cyborgs, 'bye-borgs'

Research has never lied to us before, so why would it choose to lie now?

It would be apparent to many that the initial testing phase of these RFID implants has been a relative failure. With cancer rates in test subjects being greater than people with access cards, the likelihood of this practice to be implemented is looking mighty glum.

We should have learned from silicon breast implants in the 80's that putting silicon under the skin was dangerous. But being the futuristic scientists that we are, we decided to make the implants nano sized AND transmit radio waves. There's nothing our dormant skin cells love more than having a constant radio wave beat them into the early hours of the morning. All of this so we can get into work a little faster without having to swipe an access card. Robotic Race: 1 , Humans: 0.

I understand that it could also have strong medical applications, such as the blood type and medical history of a patient who is unconscious, but i think it would work better as a piece of jewelery that has the chip in it, or a number on a license that relates to the person in a international database. It is fun and games to make things faster and better, but it often goes off on a tangent like this and gets tinier and more complicated.

Wait till the killer infection reports come out, I can hardly wait to see!

"Cyborg STD's are at an all time high!"

Geez, what