Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jerry Lewis' Adventures With The Other F Bomb.

It would appear that, just as expected, the heavy duty news coverage of hall of famer comedian Jerry Lewis' remarks during the MDA telethon went completely noticed by thousands of people who like to laugh, and hundreds of people who like to picket with signs outside of Chick-Fil-A.

At least Jerry and his staff managed to pull together a very quick apology to all the associations that would be itching to get some press. He put his hand out, at about shoulders height, and said, "Jump this high." And all the groups and organizations did as he asked. Like a true performer, he managed to get even more press for his benefit by using a semi de-sensitized word. To each his own, but I fell into the thousands of people who saw the real Jerry not being held down by the F.C.C. He looked happy and free for the 15-second rant he went into playing with the equally as tired cameraman who had to track him around the studio.

If all works out accordingly, next years telethon will have even more viewers with a Howard Stern shock jock effect going on. "I wonder what he will say next..."

Lastly, please donate, I sent in my poor college donation last month of $10, but every little bit helps. Slurs or not, he is still standing for a cause. At least he didn't make reference to, "George Bush Hates Black People." Then I would have sent in $20.