Monday, September 3, 2007

China LEADs In Production!

Americans are frugal people of whom love to save a penny anyway they can, and when we decide to mix big businesses with this lifestyle, we find that it LEADs to problems. The most economical and efficient way to get alot of product for a little bit of moolah, is to divert production away from the "regulated" and "law abiding" USA production facilites, and instead send it over to china, for fractions of pennies.

Sure, its regulated to meet the highest chinese sweatshop standards, and our over paid CEOs decide it would be wise to invest into LEADing companies with track records of only the highest standards.

But industrial china is also a frugal business, and they happily pass the savings onto us by using discounted paint suppliers paints on the production lines. According to the chinese companies, "It would seem that one bad paint supplier siphoned into all the productions." It goes without saying, that unless someone had mistakedly placed one of these items in their mouth, would the recalls not be in place right now? How long has this gone on? What is our government going to do in order to protect us from this lead rearing giant? According to my research, it would seem nothing at all.

The only people taking action in these cases are chinas customers. Mattel, for example, in a bold move to right the wrongs of poor interviews with people they entrust their brand to, have fired four sub contractors of whom managed to hire another sub contractor, who hired another sub contractor. It would seem that although the people Mattel hired were legitimate business people, those business people would not be as cautious in hiring other business people to do work for them, and in turn, they all are now un-employed. Way to go team.

So what is hopefully learned from this ordeal? When Mattel decides to build a new toy car, they will hopefully walk down the hall to the art department and say, "Alright art department, we have a color for the car, now lets put it into production." And without skipping a beat, a single business, specifically specialized in painting toys, will do the job, without sub contracting the job out to an exponentially mind numbing number.

I would also like to wish Canada all the best with their new pencil woes looming.